Mission statement

missionThe purpose of this blog is simple: to express my opinions, which with no false humility I believe are informed, about current events in Russia and media coverage of Russia. I’ve had strong opinions for a long time, but only since the beginning of wall-to-wall coverage of Russia in connection with Donald Trump and the 2016 election have I felt that anyone other than people already interested in Russia would pay attention.

I am not Russian, but I speak and read Russian and lived in Moscow as an expat for several years, and have friends and former colleagues who are still in Russia. I think that my knowledge of Russia is greater than most Western journalists and observers of Russia, and that my opinions are more informed. Hence, the blog.

About Trump: I was living in Moscow during the 2016 campaign and election and did not vote, and didn’t actively support other candidates. My view, which I told my friends and colleagues, was that it would be good for Western companies doing business in Russia if Trump could make a deal with Putin, but I also told them that if you look at history, it’s the Russia hawks (like Nixon and Reagan) who have the domestic political cred to actually make a deal with the support of the public and Congress. So I thought it wasn’t clear which candidate would’ve been better for people involved in international business with Russia. I still don’t think it’s clear. I’ll pick up on this in my posts, I hope.

Format-wise, I think that I’ll start out by reacting to / critiquing articles in major publications on Russia-related topics.  Then as time goes by and I build some confidence (and hopefully, a following), maybe I’ll do start doing posts that are independent of what’s happening in the media.


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