How I feel about Trump

Donald-Trump_3372655bI’m about to post something that’s anti-Hillary Clinton, and I’ve made anti-Hillary posts and comments in the past, so I thought I should set the record straight about how I feel about Donald Trump.

I don’t like Trump, and I never liked him. I am a Bernie Bro, if you need to define me. But there are some necessary qualifications.

  • I generally think that U.S. politics needed an injection of populism. By populism I mean a revisiting of the status quo in both domestic and foreign policy, and asking serious (or, in Trump’s case, frivolous) questions about whether that status quo benefits the majority of Americans.
  • I view centrism as the as the apotheosis of populism. Centrism is “we know what’s best for you.” I think that centrism as sold to the American public for the last few generations has been aimed at creating the appearance of a consensus (by limiting debate) on things that are of extreme importance: war and peace, healthcare, trade, American exceptionalism and the like.
  • My belief is that, if Hillary had won, she’d have basically convened a group of bipartisan leaders and said: how can we prevent this kind of challenge in the future? How can we limit access to the highest office in the land?
  • As a person who’s anti-Exceptionalism, I welcome the fact that America’s “deplorables” are in full sight. Do I think that some of those deplorables are truly deplorable? Sure. But if we’re talking about democratic principles, shouldn’t we all (domestically and internationally) know that this is America’s true face? What is the utility in pretending that the United States is a country where there’s a liberal democratic consensus if that’s not true?

1 thought on “How I feel about Trump”

  1. There’s too much philosophy in politics. The problem we have (in New York) is over regulation. This has become the “no you can’t” state and Obama was a no you can’t President. Even his supporters say he wacked 2% off GDP growth. The fed made the same point.
    Hillary was a good senator but she learned in losing to Obama that being a good senator means nothing. So she used her connections to rig the primary.


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