The “new nukes” part of Putin’s state-of-the-nation speech was aimed at Europe

Not being a professional expert myself, I respectfully disagree with most of the expert community that says that Putin's announcement of new nuclear weapons (an underwater drone, a "nuclear-powered nuclear missile" and a hypersonic missile) is aimed primarily at Russia being taken seriously. And I also disagree with the great Mark Galeotti, who says… Continue reading The “new nukes” part of Putin’s state-of-the-nation speech was aimed at Europe


A Separate Peace

No, this isn't about the tearjerker John Knowles novel. It's about that question of the day, "what does Putin want?" And a separate peace is also something I think is becoming more likely based on recent events. My thesis is: Russia's leadership, and to a large extent the Russian population, want to reach a separate… Continue reading A Separate Peace

Trump’s Inverse Wolfowitz Doctrine

It's official: Germany hates Trump. Across the whole German political spectrum, Germans have denounced Trump. The grievances are many: Trump has demanded that NATO countries, and Germany (NATO's second-largest economy) accelerate defense spending to meet the agreed target of 2% of GDP, which Germany has resisted, saying it prefers to focus on diplomacy and international… Continue reading Trump’s Inverse Wolfowitz Doctrine