How I feel about Trump

I'm about to post something that's anti-Hillary Clinton, and I've made anti-Hillary posts and comments in the past, so I thought I should set the record straight about how I feel about Donald Trump. I don't like Trump, and I never liked him. I am a Bernie Bro, if you need to define me. But… Continue reading How I feel about Trump


The corporate tax cuts are structurally permanent

I usually write about Russia. This has nothing to do with Russia. But I had a brainwave, as the Brits say, and I haven't seen this analysis elsewhere, and, with no false humility, it's correct. If there's one main takeaway, it's that the corporate tax rate is an exceptionally powerful tool to drive corporate behavior.… Continue reading The corporate tax cuts are structurally permanent

I found my empathy for #Hillary

I find Hillary Clinton fascinating. I really do. I don't agree with most of her politics (both her public positions and her process for achieving goals), but I think she's incredibly interesting. I think she embodies a particular strain of American strivers, the ones who practice an aggressive form of in-the-box thinking: "so that's the game,… Continue reading I found my empathy for #Hillary

Why can’t America have a pony, #Hillary?

Chelsea Clinton on her pony in Arkansas. From Hillary Clinton's Instagram. Maybe you saw the new excerpt from Hillary Clinton's new book What Happened where she "owns" Bernie Sanders with a joke she saw posted on Facebook about Bernie raising unrealistic hopes among the Democratic base. Hillary mentions incrementally more ambitious Sanders programs for infrastructure and… Continue reading Why can’t America have a pony, #Hillary?

The death of consent

The New York Times Sunday edition came out with a remarkable editorial today. The remarkable part wasn't that they called upon President Trump to declare his agreement with the US intelligence community assessment on alleged (and it is, in actual fact, only alleged, albeit by very serious people who should be taken seriously) Russian… Continue reading The death of consent

Trump’s Inverse Wolfowitz Doctrine

It's official: Germany hates Trump. Across the whole German political spectrum, Germans have denounced Trump. The grievances are many: Trump has demanded that NATO countries, and Germany (NATO's second-largest economy) accelerate defense spending to meet the agreed target of 2% of GDP, which Germany has resisted, saying it prefers to focus on diplomacy and international… Continue reading Trump’s Inverse Wolfowitz Doctrine

If Trump leaves office early, what next?

There has been a lot of talk about Trump's presidency ending early, whether by resignation, impeachment, removal under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, or otherwise (even a military coup). There hasn't been much attention paid to what happens afterwards though. One thing that won't happen: a revote or special election. A "do-over" of the… Continue reading If Trump leaves office early, what next?