If Trump leaves office early, what next?

There has been a lot of talk about Trump's presidency ending early, whether by resignation, impeachment, removal under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, or otherwise (even a military coup). There hasn't been much attention paid to what happens afterwards though. One thing that won't happen: a revote or special election. https://twitter.com/rubenkmajor/status/866547659321901056 A "do-over" of the… Continue reading If Trump leaves office early, what next?


#Trump vs. #professionalism

The other day I was reading this article in The Washington Post, an opinion piece headlined "Don't underestimate Trump." It was written by a former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser. It opened with a remarkable anecdote about the Clinton campaign's reaction to the leaked Access Hollywood tape where Trump bragged to Billy Bush in 2005 how he… Continue reading #Trump vs. #professionalism

The CNN story where Russian officials brag that Flynn would influence Trump is not a scoop; here’s why

The newest leak in a very leaky week: intelligence community leakers say they have intercepts where Russian officials said they thought Michael Flynn was an "ally" with whom they had a "strong relationship." https://twitter.com/brianstelter/status/865732371701784576 Here's the thing: until very recently, Flynn's affinity for Russia and desire to improve US-Russian relations were probably better known in… Continue reading The CNN story where Russian officials brag that Flynn would influence Trump is not a scoop; here’s why

Is Putin winning? Or just laughing?

Everyone who watches the news knows that this week (which isn't even over yet) has been the Worst Week out of many worst weeks for President Trump. Blood is in the water. White House staff is panicked. The #TrumpRussia investigation has entered a new phase with the appointment of a Special Counsel. The cover of Time magazine shows the White… Continue reading Is Putin winning? Or just laughing?

#CogSec: #TrumpRussia’s version of Total Information Awareness

Above: a slide from the 2002 overview of the now-canceled Total Information Awareness program. This post is inspired by the RAND Corporation's testimony presented before the Cybersecurity Subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee last Thursday, April 27, 2017. The RAND Corporation expert who actually delivered the testimony was Rand (yes you read that right,… Continue reading #CogSec: #TrumpRussia’s version of Total Information Awareness

Buzzfeed 4/13/17: How Russia Hacked Obama’s Legacy

On April 13, BuzzFeed published an article by Hayes Brown headlined "How Russia Hacked Obama's Legacy." I feel like I have to start this post off by stating my position on whether Russia "hacked" the election. First of all, when it comes to claims made by intelligence agencies presented without proof, I'm from Missouri. And… Continue reading Buzzfeed 4/13/17: How Russia Hacked Obama’s Legacy

Julia Ioffe’s Apr. 4 article in The Atlantic

A new article went up on The Atlantic's website yesterday: "In Syria, Russia Falls Victim to Its Own Success." The main thrust of the article is that Moscow's response to Trump's missile attack on the Shayrat air base near Homs, Syria has been halfhearted: Despite its morning protestations, the Russian Defense Ministry got out of the… Continue reading Julia Ioffe’s Apr. 4 article in The Atlantic